Are Your Bank Fees Robbing You? – DEV

There’s a bank robbery occurring every day. But unfortunately, the weapon is pointing at you and the bandit is your bank! Well, you’ve got a choice – you can put your arms up and do what you’re told … or refuse to supply the unmarked bills. Let’s take the bandana off to take a closer look at your financial institution’s fees.   Check Out the Fees on Your Checking Account [...]

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Money Under 30’s 2020 Awards, Best Prepaid Credit Card for Young Adults: MOVO – DEV

We want you to start the year off right by getting to know the best financial products available on the market today. Use them to achieve all your financial goals in 2020. There are so many products out there that aim to help you organize and bolster your financial life – but which ones are best? Money Under 30's founder, David Weliver, scoured through the market and picked out the [...]

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