Debit Mastercard®

Set of FAQs for the Mastercard Network products

How do I activate my Digital MOVO Debit Mastercard?

When you register for a MOVO account your digital card will automatically be activated in the app.

What is a CASH Card?

Generate an extra layer of security through creating digital Mastercard® cash cards in the MOVO App. Each CASH Card has a completely different card ‘ID” number, expiration date, and CVV code then your primary account. You can reload this card, name this card, and send CASH Cards to friends and family… Learn More.

Can I Use my MOVO Card™ with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay? (Mastercard)

Yes. Your MOVO Debit Card is compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Loading cash through Mastercard rePower

Mastercard rePower eliminates the risk of cash and helps consumers enjoy the benefits of card usage. Convenience; Real-time, immediate access to loaded funds. Simple, seamless reload process. Easy identification of convenient reload locations online… Learn More.

Where can I use my MOVO Debit Card?

Everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Can I use my MOVO Debit Card outside of the US?

Yes, the MOVO Debit Card is accepted anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

What is the MOVO Debit Card?

The NEW Vertical Contactless Debit Card is HERE! The MOVO Mastercard Debit Card is a debit card that operates on the Mastercard network. It is linked to your MOVO account and allows you to spend your MOVO balance funds everywhere Mastercard is accepted in the U.S. Take control over your finances with MOVO Digital Cash.

How do I change my phone number?

If you would like to change your phone number, start by opening the MOVO App. Then go to the Main Menu >> My Profile / Settings >> Manage Profile. There you will be able to change your phone number.

How do I change my address?

If you would like to change your address, start by opening the MOVO App. Then go to the Main Menu >> My Profile/ Settings >> Manage Profile. There you will be able to change your address.

Why is my account in Fraud Block?

If you have not already done so, please go through our verification portal via the web browser on your personal computer. Here you will find detailed instructions of the exact steps you will need to take to complete our ID verification protocol.


MOVO Pay is instant access peer to peer payment. MOVO Pay removes the need to download multiple payment apps just to send or receive funds from various payment sites. Instant access to funds means no delays or limitations to use funds right away. Send money in seconds. Use it right away. It’s that fast. It’s not complicated. Instantly send and spend money right from your phone, to anyone on any type of payments system.

How to Set Up eCheckbook

Setting up eCheckbook for online bill pay is easy. First, open your MOVO App. Select eCheckbook. Next, select Add Payee, here is where you can search for business you need to pay or you can add custom payees. Make payments from your primary account and schedule the specific day of payments. View payment history and schedule payments all in one place. No need for stamps and envelopes, MOVO’s eCheckbook will send the check for you for easy digital bill pay.

What is Digital Banking?

MOVO’s Digital Banking gives you the power to be your own bank. Here, you can add an external bank account to transfer funds to your MOVO account, find direct deposit information, transfer funds from your MOVO account to an external bank account, schedule transfers, and view transfer activity.


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BY USING THE MOVO APP™ AND CARD YOU AGREE WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE MOVO® DIGITAL BANK ACCOUNT AND DEBIT MASTERCARD® AGREEMENT AND FEE SCHEDULE. Banking services provided by Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC. The MOVO® Debit Mastercard® is issued by Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to license by Mastercard International.