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There’s no registration fee and no direct deposit limits

Once you sign up, your digital Debit Mastercard® is automatically activated for use right away. There are no limits to the number of direct deposits in your account. Send, spend and receive everywhere Mastercard® is accepted.

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Loading Funds Made Easy

Find easy, detailed steps on how to load funds into your MOVO Account.
Here are a few ways to get you started.

1.) MOVOian > MOVOian - Send money from one MOVO Account to another.

2.) Transfer from 3rd party apps: Venmo to Movo bank, Paypal to MOVO bank, Cash App to MOVO bank, WorldRemit to MOVO bank and many more and spend instantly.*

3.) Transfer money from another bank to your MOVO Account™. *

4.) Direct Deposit your paychecks for same day access to your cash. *

5.)Got Crypto? Use MOVO Chain® to turn your crypto into US currency and transfer it to your MOVO Account™ for same day use or send it as digital cash value to anyone in the United States, with an email address or mobile phone number, even if they don't have a MOVO Account™.

6.) Deposit Cash to your MOVO Account at a Mastercard rePower® location nearest you*

7.) Deposit checks to your MOVO Account using the Ingo App.*

*third party fees may apply

Multiple ways to load your cash

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Speed, security and safety with a MOVO Card™

Once you sign up, your digital Debit Mastercard® is automatically activated for use right away. Send, spend and receive everywhere Mastercard is accepted.*
Fees may apply for physical card after first issuance

MOVO Debit Mastercard®
Accepted at millions of merchant locations worldwide, including restaurants, hotels and online retailers.
Contactless payments available with Tap & Pay technology. Use your digital card for online or in-store.
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