Let’s get vertical, vertical. Let’s get … well, you get it!

Vertical cards are in at MOVO and you don’t have to name that tune to get the first look!

The new captivating vertical card concept was designed by Hannah Mills, a member of our own MoPro Customer Experience team. She’s a talented photographer, vocal musician, and a prime example of MOVO’s artistic vibe.

It’s great when people can associate the world of money & finance – things that are so serious – with something lighthearted,” Hannah says.

She designed the new card with colorful bands – a fashion staple – but it took someone with Hannah’s talent to make horizontal stripes so flattering!

“It’s funny, because when we were challenged to create a MOVO T-shirt design, I put stripes around each side of our logo and it became a theme,” she says. “That random idea is making a bigger impact than I could have imagined. I’m excited to see my design concept in the hands of millions of customers!”

The 24-year-old native of Palm Desert, California joined the MovoCash team in May, and her customer experience role has a greater scope than just helping customers make the most of their money management, she’s also gotten involved with a wide range of discussions within the digital banking company.

“As a MOVO team member, we are asked to get involved with projects across the company that interest us or suit our talents. For example, I get to contribute frequently to social media content which is exciting,” Hannah says. “And I support our awesome customers daily. Getting to know our customers inspires my creative work with MOVO too. It’s cool to have the career building opportunities to dive into design and marketing – I love anything that has any kind of artistic element.”  

Hannah’s artistic talent and passion for music comes together in her successful singing endeavors. She writes music, plays guitar and sings at Palm Desert venues, such as resorts and restaurants. She has a single on Spotify and Apple Music, and she toured with popular Christian band Consumed by Fire, performing as their opening act while traveling through 20 cities in 15 states in two months.

Many of her gifts are in the visual arts. Hannah is an expert in photography, artistic design and graphics and brings a fresh set of eyes to her projects. She previously did design work for a startup skateboarding company, where she had creative freedom to design boards, T-shirts and hats.

It was a partial training ground for the logo design she’s doing at MOVO, such as the new card.

“There’s so much opportunity for our customer experience team members to bring a fresh perspective to the company,” reflects Tania Mulry, head of Marketing at MovoCash, Inc.. “With every communication and design choice, we want to inspire our customers to make confident money moves with MOVO. The bold, fresh vertical card will really help our customers make a statement when they shop or dine out. It is great to have a hard-working, creative team members on the front lines speaking with customers and surprising them with innovative ways MOVO can help them daily. ”

The payments industry is dynamic and solutions pop up daily. It can be overwhelming to navigate everyday spending decisions with so many options out there!

Just by downloading one simple, convenient, free app and registering, MOVO customers receive an instantly issued digital Visa card that can be put to use in many ways:

  • Link to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay
  • Set up Direct Deposit
  • Make cash deposits at retail locations
  • Get cash at ATMs or cash back at retail
  • Pay bills
  • Send money to friends and family
  • Create one-time-use cards for secure spending online

Plus, every verified customer receives a new vertical MOVO card to put into their wallet. There’s one thing you can take to the bank – the new vertical MovoCash card reflects the “Good Vibrations” on the MOVO team.

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