You can easily transfer your Venmo funds to your MOVO Account in minutes!
Open your Venmo app and go to settings
Click on "Payment Methods"
Click on "Add a bank or card"
Choose "Card"
Open the MOVO app and choose “View card”
Next, tap the copy icon to the right of your card number. Then remember your expiration and CVC numbers to input
Back in Venmo, fill out your MOVO Debit Mastercard information in the form and click "Add"
After you’ve added your MOVO card, go back to the home page and click on "manage balance”
Then hit "Transfer to Bank"
Choose “instant” as the option to transfer your balance and then choose your MOVO Debit Mastercard as the card you would like to transfer to.
After you initiate the transfer, you will have the funds available in your MOVO account within minutes to Send and Spend!
*Third party fees apply