Should you quit your super-stressful job?

If you’re tempted to quit — take a cue from these five entrepreneurs who made the jump from super-stressful gigs. Their insights just might surprise you. If you’re sitting in your cubicle right now, fantasizing about marching into your boss’s office, handing over your two-week notice and hopping on a one-way ticket to Costa Rica … you’re definitely not alone. As more and more professionals embrace the trendy gig economy [...]

April 19th, 2019|Categories: Media Mentions|

What Are The Top Benefits Of Blockchain In Banking?

6 Experts Share Their Insights There are trends in finance that won’t change. Markets will rise and fall. Money will change hands. Loans will be issued, and interest will be paid. But trends evolve. Transactions speed up. Payments become more secure. Banking becomes more convenient. The blockchain is a tool not to replace the fundamentals of banking, but to improve them. Think automation of the lender-borrower relationship. A blockchain system [...]

April 16th, 2019|Categories: Media Mentions|

‘Why Would Anyone Want To Become a Bank’

Will more challenger banks evolve as banking as a service providers? Starling Bank recently raised £75 million to fund a European expansion. As part of that announcement, the UK-based challenger said it had signed on three new clients to its banking as a service. According to Starling, it has 20 institutional clients on its BaaS platform, which it launched in August 2018. Payment volume through the service is doubling month [...]

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School for Startups Radio Interview

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW Sam Schapiro – Founder of Fundomate You have to look at your growth value when you are taking outside capital. Is this money going to give me more, does it bring me closer to my vision? Sam Schapiro is the founder and CEO of Fundomate. It is the first and only automated search engine specifically designed to provide fast and affordable business funding, instead of using loans. Where [...]

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Interview with Eric Solis of MovoCash, Inc. – Enabling Easy Bitcoin Spending

When the World Wide Web was first created, a payment protocol was built in, but never used. At the time, when connecting to the internet meant setting your 9600k modem to call an ISP, the idea of doing transactions there did not seem reasonable. That protocol died a quiet death. Ever since then, as the internet speeds and connectivity have exploded, the world of payments has been playing catchup. There [...]

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MU30’s 2019 Awards for the Best Financial Products on the Market

We want you to start the year off right by getting to know the best financial products available on the market today. Use them to achieve all your financial goals in 2019. There are so many products out there that aim to help you organize and bolster your financial life – but which ones are best? I scoured through the market and picked out the best financial products available today. As [...]

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