You open your Snapchat app and see the emoji you have nightmares about – it’s the little graphic “birthday cake” next to someone’s name, but it’s too late – nothing’s in the mail and if you order from 1-800-Flowers she’ll know you forgot. Again.

Scenarios like that won’t keep you up at night when you have a MOVO account, because you can always send money to a friend – in the form of a digital payment card – and they can spend it instantly. There’s no time-lapse bank transfer…because a MOVO account IS the bank.

Gifting through MOVO is saving your time too. Another wedding next month? This one won’t cost you the entire day – asking for the registry, driving to Pottery Barn and carrying the printout around the store in search of placemats nobody’s bought the couple yet. 

No shopping, shipping, or even showering – you can do everything from your Barcelona chair. And there’s no shaming either, because they get your gift on time.

Your gift gets there without interruption too. If you’ve ever taken the time to go out and buy gift cards, then wrap and mail them – what happens if they never get there, or if they fall into the hands of someone else? They can get hijacked on the way, and then it’s money down the drain. But with safe and simple gifting through MovoPay in the MOVO app, the value is maintained.

Here’s how to send money:

  • Log in to your account and select MovoPay >> Send Money
  • Select your MovoCash® Account (Primary) as the funding source, and the amount you wish to send
  • Either type in a phone number or email address and tap Next

If you’re gifting a friend with a favorite product line, you can make purchases using your MOVO account that way too. Order your nephew a Fingerlings monkey (though they’re kind of creepy) or send your sister an instant Poshmark gift card (now you’re talkin’). You can use your MOVO card anywhere Visa® is accepted. 

Meanwhile, keep the fire stoked on your Snap Streak, maybe scoring some stars or yellow hearts that symbolize you and someone else are best buddies. And when your friends and family receive the gifts you send through MOVO, chances are you’ll be rewarded with a lot of thumbs ups and beating hearts.  

Get started by downloading MOVO from the Apple Store or Google Play.