What is an on-demand app?

July 15, 2021 | MOVO Blog Contributor

Are you looking for speed, convenience, and reliability in your apps? How about when it comes to mobile banking? Get paid, deposit funds, send and spend digital cash ON-DEMAND with instant access to banking services through your mobile phone.

It’s common news to anyone that “mobile” is now king. You’re probably reading this from your phone right now. From scheduling doctor’s appointments to online grocery shopping, everyone is on their phone. With MOVO, you get fast and secure mobile banking ON-DEMAND. Mobile friendly is a must. Don’t believe us? Here’s some of the latest trends in mobile:
ON-DEMAND Defined: ON-DEMAND – In mobile banking, this is a type of financial services delivery model that is deployed and managed on MOVO’s cloud computing infrastructure, facilitated by its fully patented HyperBIN® ecosystem. And this instead provides mobile access via MOVO’s Digital Cash Brand Network for instant (real-time) processing of both the “request for action” and the “action itself”. For example, a request for a P2P* payment of digital cash to another person in MOVO® is executed upon request, with real-time settlement allowing the recipient to immediately spend that money.
What feature do you want from your mobile banking app? Once you sign up with MOVO, it means that you have more control of your own finances. It means that you have the ability to convert your MOVO Account™ into an ON-DEMAND Mobile Banking digital debit card. It means that you can send, receive, and spend money from your phone through MOVO, all contactless. Need to get cash? No worries. MOVO can help you do that. Need to send money to a friend or family member like right now? No worries. MOVO can do that. MOVO’s ON-DEMAND Mobile Banking “ODMB” experience is created to put the user in control while being fast and ultra-secure. MOVO’s ultimate goal as a company is to provide quality financial services to anyone, anywhere and anytime. Our solutions are tailored to be inclusive and provide an all-in-one mobile app for all of your digital banking, payments, and crypto-conversion needs. Using Apple Pay and Google Pay, securely spend digital cash all through your mobile device.
What is digital payment? 
Let’s Get Technical. What Does On-Demand Software Mean? On-demand software is a type of software delivery model that is deployed and managed on a vendor’s cloud computing infrastructure and accessed by users over the Internet as and when required. On-demand software is also known as Software as a Service (Sass), online software and cloud-based software. If you enjoy streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video, then you are already experiencing the on-demand technology. 

From registration to activation and beyond, the MOVO experience is 100% CONTACTLESS. Check going to the bank off the errand list. Enjoy banking services and ON-DEMAND payments from on-the-go. 

*Fees may apply.