Teacher, student or grocer – whoever you are, there’s a certain time of year you find yourself reaching for an apple. And whether it’s gala, granny smith or golden delicious, you may be reaching for another kind of Apple to pay for it.

Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are all useful digital wallets that share a core ingredient: You can add your MOVO card to any of them. That means you can add money to your e-wallet and spend your MovoCash quickly and securely in stores, online or in apps – anywhere your digital wallet is accepted. 

First day of school

Here’s how to do it. Depending on whether you use an iPhone, Android or Samsung, you can instantly connect your MOVO card by following these instructions:

  • Apple Pay – Open your Wallet app on your iPhone or iPad and click the Plus button. Add your MOVO card by taking a picture of your card or enter the account information yourself.
  • Google Pay – Open your Google Pay app, tap My Cards, tap Add, Tap Add a Credit or Debit Card and use the camera to capture your card image or enter the information yourself.
  • Samsung Pay – Open Samsung Pay and click Add Card, then follow the on-screen instructions.

No cheating

If you were a master at shielding your work from the eyes of your classmates, you may also be the type who avoids using an e-wallet because you’re concerned about the safety and security of NFC technology (Near-Field Communication). It’s easy to see why holding your SmartPhone up to a card reader in the store could feel less than secure, but it’s actually one of the safest spending options you can choose, because there are so many security features, such as:

  • You have to be up close and personal. To use it, you bring your phone just inches from the merchant’s card reader, or actually tap it. Someone would have to be uncomfortably close to you at the point of purchase to hijack it. 
  • You have to initiate the purchase. A contactless payment requires you to establish the connection between you and the reader. The device doesn’t just automatically make a purchase, and sometimes you have to verify it with a pass code.
  • It has to be validated. The transaction has its own digital signature – it’s not just a transfer of debit/credit card numbers between the device and the reader. A secure element chip in your device validates the purchase.

School’s out

Whether you branch out by adding your MovoCash account to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, it’s time to enjoy the fruit of your labor with some easy spending options. 

Get an apple for the teacher … or something more useful, like an accessory for her tablet. 

Download better music. Sometimes Alexa just isn’t enough. Buy some downloads to listen to offline. 

Spend a day at the mall. Eat at Subway and buy some clothes at Macy’s. But check your limitations – for instance, Google Wallet won’t let you blow through more than $5,000 in a 24-hour period. 

And like you’ve been taught, you should make sure all of your devices are password protected. Because without that added layer of security, it can be a very uncomfortable lesson learned.