Featuring an instant digital Prepaid Visa® Card, named one of the best prepaid debit cards by NerdWallet, Simple Dollar & The Balance


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Meet MOVO, your new money app featuring an instant digital Prepaid Visa Card, named one of the best prepaid debit cards by NerdWallet, Simple Dollar & The Balance. Crave a plastic card? Need Direct Deposit? We’ll hook you up!


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  • We Keep it Digital and Real: About 10 days after you register successfully, you’ll receive a shiny new, personalized MOVO card in the mail for your extra convenience. Our treat!
  • Security, Just Like a Bank: Your balance is FDIC insured. We ask extra security questions during registration to keep you safe from risky business. Plus, MOVO doesn’t sell your information to marketers.
  • Just Starting or Starting Over?: No Credit Check, No ChexSystem Check
  • Freedom From Fees: No activation fee, no monthly fees when you use your card monthly
  • Instant Spending Power: Once money is transferred, loaded, or deposited into your account, it can be spent anywhere Visa is accepted. You can even pay bills or send money to a friend.
  • Pay Like the Nerds: Link your MOVO account to your phone to tap & pay with Apple Pay
  • Safer Shopping Online: Create a new digital card for each online purchase to keep your main MOVO account out of the hands of hackers


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Flexible Loading Options

  • Automatically Load Your Paycheck: Whether you are a 1099 independent contractor or a W2 employee, MOVO provides you with Direct Deposit instructions as soon as you register which you can provide to your employer, benefits administrator or other payers and clients.
  • Got a Stash of Cash?: Add it to your MOVO account in three convenient ways at thousands of retailers nationwide:
    • Reload @ Register
    • Green Dot Money Pak
    • Visa ReadyLink
  • Balancing Act: Use MovoChain.com to cash out your Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or PayPal balances in a flash. Within minutes you can spend or send funds to a friend using MOVO.
  • Check Yourself: Deposit a check to your MOVO account number using the Ingo Money App.
  • Ask MOM, DAD or Your BFF To Send You Money: When you and your family members or friends all have MOVO, you can transfer funds to each other instantly at no cost.


Spend Like a Champ

    • P2P2P®: Person to Person to Purchase in seconds! Send cash to friends or family, and the recipient can spend money right away.​ ​Why do other services make you wait or pay to use YOUR money?
    • Pay Bills: Quickly pay one time or schedule recurring bills with 1000s of popular billers
    • Shop Anywhere: Visa is the most popular payment brand on the planet. If you see the Visa sign, you can MOVO!
    • Need Cash?: ​Once you have received your sleek, wallet-worthy MOVO car​d via snail mail, you may use it to make ATM withdrawals anywhere you see the Visa Plus and Visa Plus Alliance symbol. ATM fees may apply.



MOVO is SMART – This is financial responsibility in an app. You spend just the cash you have, without carrying a messy wad of cash. Watch your balance in the app or with alerts.

MOVO is PRIVATE – No one needs to know how many pizzas you ate or how wild you got last weekend. Hold the emojis, please.

MOVO is FREEDOM – Freedom from credit card debt and big bank policies and fees.

MOVO is LIVE – We believe in the personal touch and pride ourselves on offering real live customer support, ready to help you at any time. Just contact support@movo.cash or call​ (866) 533-6686​.

Ready to MOVO? Check us out at ​https://www.movo.cash​.

BY USING THIS CARD YOU AGREE WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE CARDHOLDER AGREEMENT AND FEE SCHEDULE, IF ANY. The MOVO® Digital Prepaid Visa® Card is issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank (Member FDIC) pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. “Metropolitan Commercial Bank” and “Metropolitan” are registered trademarks of Metropolitan Commercial Bank ©2014.

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