Packing up for the university experience…there’s only so much you can do to prepare for such a life change.

For Mom and Dad, it’s watching an 18-year investment of blood, sweat and tears walk out the door.

For the young scholar, it’s the prospect of living away from home under a new set of rules, and a trip into the unknown. The questions are hanging out there: Are the other kids friendly? Will my classes be too hard? What about peer pressure, gross food and terrible roommates?

If you thought admissions and registration was the end of college hassles – it was just the beginning. You’ve figured out the financials, but funneling funds all year long is also part of the package.

More Secure Parent’s Package

If your incoming college student is a great kid, a top student, but a disaster with money, you have a safeguard with a MOVO account. Kids in college are fully aware of their phones, but not so much your credit card. MOVO means there’s nothing to lose.

With MOVO’s e-wallet app, your student only has access to the money you transfer to them, with no fear of loss, theft, or a bad actor hacking your account. It’s a maximum security method for your finances.

Sending your kids to college is expensive enough – you can’t let a few bad decisions on your student’s part drain your entire life savings. With a MOVO account, easily accessible on your smartphone, you can keep a watchful eye on your money, while funneling funds in the world’s easiest way.

When both you and your child have a MOVO account, sending funds to your college student is instant and free. As soon as you click to initiate the transfer, the funds appear in your child’s MOVO account and can be spent right away to pay a bill, pay a friend, or make a purchase anywhere Visa is accepted.

You can also use the app to generate a MovoCoin® (a virtual card) for the exact total – no more, no less – which makes tracking your finances and preventing unauthorized purchases easy.

The next generation keeps everything on their phones, and you want to be where they are. MOVO keeps the bank in their pocket, which is one less thing for them to manage – or lose.

Your college kid probably won’t forget to pack the mini-fridge, but it may slip his mind to figure out an organized bill payment schedule. There’s no shaming, no blaming – if they’re 18 they can open a MOVO account, without a credit check.

Student Life

There aren’t a lot of guarantees for a college student. But you can be pretty sure you’ll want to keep your headaches to a minimum. Being more organized means less anxiety and fewer nights marathoning homework.

How can the MOVO app help you build that college confidence?

Between tuition payments, dorm fees, books and everything else, it’s a lot of money management, even for an econ major. A MOVO account enables you to pay from your pocket – straight from your phone – and instantly send and receive money between friends, parents, grandparents and roommates who also have a MOVO account.

What? No credit? It doesn’t matter. You can download the app and get started.

When you’re standing in line at the university bookstore, just request the amount you need and pay at the register with your phone or with the app’s accompanying plastic debit card.

Your MOVO account is a money-saving, time-saving way to pace your spending when you have to furnish your dorm, get your caffeine fix and make some additions to what you’ll be seen wearing. You plan on having more to spend once you earn that piece of paper, but for now, at least it can be easy.

You want to get out of this thing with straight A’s, minimal loans and BFF status with everyone on campus. Who doesn’t? In the long run, financial ignorance costs way more than intelligence.