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The 7 Best Prepaid Cards to Apply for in 2018

Customers can get a prepaid debit card without a credit check and even if they have a record in ChexSystems. Not to be confused with credit cards, prepaid cards must be loaded with cash before you can make purchases. You don’t carry a balance, there’s no monthly minimum payment due​ and no interest to pay. Think of it as a debit card without the checking account attached. When you’re choosing [...]

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Eric Solis on Future Tech Podcast

MovoCash, Innovating mobile payment solutions for the Underserved market. Movo’s product innovation leverages existing and emerging payment standards and banking infrastructure, resulting in a significant decrease in costs and latency found in traditional solutions while increasing consumers’ ability to control, manage and interact with their money in real-time. MovoChain – Conver Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash to spendable cash in minutes. LISTEN NOW   FUTURE TECH PODCAST Future Technologies Poised [...]

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Dancing with the Start-Ups

Be inspired, broaden your network, and hear the big ideas that disrupt the way you live and work. No matter the size or the tenure of your company, much of your future growth and success depends on your organization's ability to adapt to change and seek out new ideas, services, and products. Back by popular demand, this speed-pitch competition, broken out by key industries, features some of the most innovative [...]

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Mediaplanet Launches “Financial Health & Wellness” Campaign Featuring MovoCash

The Mediaplanet “Financial Health and Wellness” campaign, found within the SF Chronicle and online, helps shed light on practices can improve your financial well-being. Mediaplanet, an independent publisher of content-marketing campaigns, announces distribution of its first cross-platform edition of “Financial Health & Wellness.” The campaign aims to educate readers about various challenges they may face with their finances and highlights steps they can take to improve their financial wellbeing. Mediaplanet [...]

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Eric Solis on Future Tech Podcast

MovoCash has created an innovative method of generating peer-to-peer payments safely with very little delay. Unlike traditional payments using credit cards, MovoCash has combined their unique technology called HyperBIN with credit cards to take advantage of the best of both worlds and provide a convenient way to send and spend money. Join Eric Solis, CEO and founder of MovoCash and learn how his team is giving users more control and [...]

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Best Prepaid Debit Cards of 2018

If you’ve ever wanted the convenience of using a debit card without the prerequisite checking account, then a prepaid debit card might just do the trick. In recent years, prepaid debit cards have risen in popularity and so have their offerings. However, the fees can sometimes be a little pricey and, with lower protections, comes greater risk. That’s why you want the best prepaid debit card on the market, and [...]

2018-07-16T14:59:45+00:00March 23rd, 2018|Media Mentions|

NerdWallet’s Best List

A prepaid debit card serves either as a budgeting tool or an all-out replacement for a bank account — and the best prepaid cards give you convenient features while charging few fees. Prepaid debit cards are easy to get, whether online or in stores, since there usually is no credit check. They’re also available to people who have a bad banking history and can’t get a new bank account. But [...]

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Best Ways to Send Money to Your College Student

The early morning scramble to give your child lunch money might be over now that he or she has moved on to college, but you’re likely still helping out with expenses. Lou Anne Alexander, group president of payments at consumer reporting agency Early Warning Services, was at work recently when her daughter called. She was in line to buy a college textbook that cost $250 — more than her bank [...]

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Investing In Uncertain Times

Sometimes, when you catch up on the latest news, you worry. Nations war, oil prices fluctuate, and state leaders weigh measures that could seriously impact businesses. All these things can leave investors feeling nervous. Have they set their investments into the right stocks or mutual funds? Do they have enough cash set aside for emergencies or to take advantage of falling prices? In other words, are they prepared? Or does [...]

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Virtual Visa and MasterCard

Only four years apart, both American companies have worked hard to gain their worldwide success and keep up with latest technologies, which inspired them to create virtual prepaid cards as an addition to plastic ones. Considering MasterCard and Visa process payments between banks, they hold more affinities than differences depending on a bank or online payment system, and offer comparable benefits, which are transparent, once a user takes a closer [...]

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