Make Confident College Money Moves with MOVO

Packing up for the university experience...there’s only so much you can do to prepare for such a life change. For Mom and Dad, it’s watching an 18-year investment of blood, sweat and tears walk out the door. For the young scholar, it’s the prospect of living away from home under a new set of rules, and a trip into the unknown. The questions are hanging out there: Are the other [...]

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4 Secrets to Safe and Budget-Savvy Travel

More than 240 million people will pass through U.S. airports between Memorial Day and Labor Day this year, according to TSA projections. That’s more than double the population on the entire east coast of the United States.   Sure, TSA has your security on its radar when you fly in and out, but how can you maintain that assurance wherever your vacation takes you? Cruising the Mediterranean or flying to [...]

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See Eric Solis at Startup Grind

Join the Startup Grind Santa Clarita Chapter, powered by Google as we host Eric Solis, Founder & CEO of MovoCash. Tickets include food and drinks so please plan on being there to nosh & network. Everyone is talking about blockchain and this month we will be jumping on the bandwagon! For more than 15 years, Eric Solis has been a key contributor to the advancement of digital finance, including payments, [...]

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What is Credit or Debit Card Pre-authorization?

Don’t fret…debit and credit card pre-authorization is common for purchases at car rental companies, hotels, gas station and more. You’ve parked your rental car and wheeled your suitcase up to the hotel check-in counter. You’re tired after a long day of travel and your concierge keeps pounding away at the keyboard until finally…. you’re in! You grab your room key and slide into a cozy chair in the lounge, eager [...]

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Make Direct Deposit Easy with MOVO App

If you want to get your paycheck as spendable value in your pocket as fast as possible, you need to know how to get direct deposit. Did you just land your first job? Or does payroll take such a circuitous route you feel like you’re waiting for the seventh-inning stretch to gain access to your money? You can use our easy direct deposit, even if you don’t have a bank [...]

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7 Secrets to Safer, Smarter Money Management

Be a good financial friend, but don’t fall into the money app trap. Splitting a bill with a friend, or sending money to your sister for her birthday? You are a champ! But picking the wrong money-send app can result in sadness and disappointment due to delays in accessing the funds. Not every money app is built to move money instantly, let alone backed by a traditional FDIC insured bank [...]

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Best Friends Day 2018: Fab Buys for Your BFF

A BFF’s ultimate shopping and safe-spending guide for National Best Friends Day on June 8 If you turned to your calendar and didn’t see “Best Friends Day” on June 8, you may want to write it in. If not, your BFF will be sorely disappointed! If you want to do more than a meme post or a Chia Pet 3-peat, we’re here to help. What’s Friending: As long as it’s [...]

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Paying it Forward for Paul

Legacy in Motion One of the great things about innovating in digital banking is the positive impact you can have on individuals who need help. Not only do we make people's lives easier by streamlining their finances, we add value to their lives through music and community-building events. Last weekend, the MovoCash team was a big part of a benefit honoring the late actor Paul Walker and his philanthropic work with Reach [...]

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Reach Out WorldWide Event

Many companies place a higher premium on getting than on giving, but MovoCash (MOVO), a payment platform that empowers people to convert their mobile phone into a digital bank in their pocket, is a company centered on compassion. Giving back to the community has been part of the MovoCash vision since the company's founding, and its team members at all levels and across all departments recognize that music is something [...]

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Compassion Forms Cornerstone

Most companies have a stated corporate vision, but such a vision may be limited to quantitative goals such as hitting financial targets or attaining certain levels of productivity. MovoCash (MOVO), a company that delivers financial inclusion to all, including individuals who are not able to use traditional banking services, sees its corporate vision differently. The MOVO vision is based on certain principles that all the company's team members - from [...]

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