A BFF’s ultimate shopping and safe-spending guide for National Best Friends Day on June 8

If you turned to your calendar and didn’t see “Best Friends Day” on June 8, you may want to write it in. If not, your BFF will be sorely disappointed!

If you want to do more than a meme post or a Chia Pet 3-peat, we’re here to help.

What’s Friending:

As long as it’s trendy and new, you can blow away your best friend with the element of surprise (let’s face it – just acknowledging Best Friends Day may be enough on its own). 

If you’re in your “gap year” (aka, budgets are tight) or you just love a bargain, go to Amazon Interesting Finds for gifts under $20. You can use your free shipping advantage there too!

Spoiler alert: You’ll be on there all day if your friend is still into mermaids, weird clocks, T-Rex or the UK. 

Some of our “best picks” include the Swiss Army biking multi-tool ($19), cat-eye mirrored sunglasses ($13), Brookstone sand box ($14) and almost any punny Shakespeare mug ($15).

What about PopSockets? Your phone can stand up with the help of palm trees, rainbows, llamas or even a picture of your dog. 

And who doesn’t love Lush? Not only can you buy three or more gifts under budget for your shower, bath or spa buddy, you can also pick up a knot-wrap for paperless gift wrapping! 

Is your BFF over 70? Angry cat gifts work. Under 25? Unicorn ANYTHING.

When your BFF’s a guy:

Is it too obvious to suggest a toilet light? (His bathroom rug will thank you.)

How about fishing gear for an outdoorsman? Or what about a pool float for the indoorsman (who only goes outside to get in the pool)? Believe it or not, he can float on a pizza slice or ride a mechanical bull.

Sometimes a friendsperience is the ticket. Too old for an AirBnB trip? You can still plan some “we” time. How about dinner and drinks? 

Have you shown him who’s boss at an Escape Room? (Or let him win so he thinks he’s a genius?) There’s always a museum ticket or scoring passes to a big music festival.

Shop Safely with MOVO

You can score points with friends AND get something for yourself: the safest online shopping there is.

Every time you order online, you’re opening yourself up to the possibility of fraud. 

Not with MovoCoin®, a service available in the free-to-download banking and peer-to-peer payments app, MOVO. MovoCoin allows you to use a one-time Visa® account number, which means it’s one-and-done after you order your merchandise. The account number is terminated after your purchase, so you won’t be the victim of fraud because no one can trace it back to your main account.

So not only can you solve the “what do I get my best friend” problem in a flash with your phone, it’s totally safe, secure and fraud-free. Anyone who accepts Visa will let you pay with the MovoCash app – the gift that keeps on giving, because it lets you track your spending and eliminates the need for overdraft protection. 

When You Want to Spoil Each other 

Want to treat each other to dinner or a summer concert? Using the MOVO app, splitting a bill is easier than ever. Plus, unlike other popular apps you might be using to send payments to your friends, MOVO offers FDIC insured accounts AND gets you your money faster.


If you need Wookipedia to tell you it’s May The Force Be With You, then a Han Solo bobblehead is probably out of the question. We just want to say good luck.

At MOVO, we want you to crush it on June 8. The price of admission for friendship doesn’t have to hurt, and we can help you with that. It’s why we tossed you some ideas and gave you a safe, secure way to buy them. 

Because after all … that’s what friends are for.