Are You Ready For Back to School Routines? 

September 3, 2021 | MOVO Blog Contributor

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Raise your hand if you want to have a great school year! Yeah, us too. The MOVO Team wanted to provide back-to-school tips to make a smooth transition with cost-saving tips. And maybe MOVO can’t help with the new school jitters, but CASH Cards can help you protect and stay on top of your finances and last minute expenses that come along as part of the school year.

Back-to-School Shopping
First, school supplies shopping. One way to better manage your cash flow and school expenses like supplies, extracurricular activity expenses, and even play-date expenses are through MOVO®CASH Cards. CASH Cards are sub accounts within the MOVO App™ that can be used just like a debit card, except they offer an extra layer of protection to your main account. Mint and customize each CASH Card with a unique nickname. * One example from a MOVOvian (Mother of two) suggests creating a CASH Cards for each kid, so that you can manage expenses related to your kid’s school or sports activities.  You can load the CASH Card with the desired amount you wish to pay to avoid any unauthorized charges. Funds running low on the CASH Card can be easily reloaded too.  Even better, you can set up automatic reloads of the CASH Card. This way, your CASH Card will always have money.  With each CASH Card you’ll have insight to every transaction that is performed on each card for ultimate control of your cash flow. MOVO® CASH Cards are accepted everywhere Mastercard is available with contactless pay..
Shop at home

Before you go shopping, take a home inventory of school supplies and clothes. Have your kids try on last year’s jeans to see if they still fit and make a note of what basic clothing items need to be replaced. Look in drawers and cabinets to find the notebooks and calculators you already have.

CASH Card Tip: Do you have a new college student? Mint a CASH Card and label it “dorm supplies”.* Use the Scheduler to automatically reload one time each month.
Have a shopping strategy

It’s tempting to do all your back-to-school shopping at once and get it over with, but you’ll save more money by shopping around. Go online to look at sales circulars, compare prices, and find out which stores in your area match competitors’ prices. If your state has a sales tax holiday, save big purchases for the days they will be tax-free.

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Find clothing compromises
At some point, you’re bound to clash with your kids over clothes. Avoid power struggles in clothing stores by being prepared to suggest compromises. Have your daughter pair a spaghetti strap top with a T-shirt. When your son picks out oversize pants, find a pair of baggy pants in his size that won’t fall down when he walks.
Be smart about backpacks

Heavy books and a poorly fitting backpack can cause muscle injuries and joint problems. Be sure to choose a backpack for your child that is lightweight when empty. Look for backpacks that have these features:
  • Two side, padded shoulder straps that don’t dig into shoulders
  • A padded back
  • A waist strap
  • A chest strap
Research technology purchases
Before buying your child a computer for school projects, talk with the teacher to see whether it’s really necessary. Access to school computers may be enough for younger kids. If you do set up a home computer for your child, be sure to talk about internet safety and install appropriate parental controls.
Health is Wealth
Adding to the stress of the work day, while having to come home and fix dinner to ‘hangry’ kiddos or having lunch ready meals to go for the next day requires a little bit of planning. Pick a variety of nutritious foods for your kids to eat for breakfast. 

CASH Card Tip: Make grocery store shopping an important back-to-school stop. Use CASH Cards to set up grocery delivery on a monthly basis, set up auto reload and you’ll always have healthy food on stock.
Ease Back-to-School “Jitters”

Whether you’re entering kindergarten or college, back-to-school jitters are real and scary emotions for some students. Here are some tried and true ideas for parents to help ease the transition:

  1. Read books together that address young children’s school fears. Two great recommendations are “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn and “Grover Goes to School” by Dan Elliott.

    CASH Card Tip: Mint a CASH Card and label it “Amazon” and use it for all your online back to school purchases.* Set it as your default payment method and have peace of mind knowing your primary MOVO Account™ is secure.
  2. If possible, stop by and visit the classroom before school begins. Often, principals and teachers are there preparing for the first day. If the school is not open, visit the school grounds. Talk about where your child might have recess or line up in the morning. With a camera or your cell phone take pictures and send a text with your favorite emoji 🏫📝❤️📚🖍🏈🍎 that they can look at together before school begins.
  3. If you have little ones, have your child practice writing their first and last names. Use one capital and the rest lowercase. Being able to recognize and write their name is a real confidence booster for young children, especially since so many things are labeled this way in a classroom.
  4. Put a “love note” in their lunch box or backpack. This is a powerful reminder of you.
Start of the school year is also about setting up new routines. With MOVO, CASH cards give you full control of your finances and a peace of mind your account is protected. Have a great school year. #LetsMOVO

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