Are you looking for easy ways to maximize your money every month? Starting today, tick off one of these easy challenges and enjoy the spoils of your money wins!


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  1. Fill a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated all day
  2. Shop for whole foods around the perimeter of the grocery store and avoid processed foods
  3. Prepare lunch for yourself and your family
  4. Plan out your meals for the week based on ingredients you already have in your fridge, freezer and cupboards
  5. Buy just enough groceries to last you for the week
  6. Wait 24 hours before making any optional purchase
  7. Arrange a carpool to work or school
  8. Try a secondhand shop or borrow from a friend first when you need something
  9. If you enjoy bulk shopping, split the purchases with a friend so nothing spoils
  10. Only spend from your budget for the month – MovoCash is same as cash
  11. Delete shopping apps from your phone
  12. Cancel unused subscriptions
  13. Watch for sales on things you use often
  14. Invest in quality, not quantity
  15. Swap lighter, less expensive items from the menu when dining out
  16. Take the time to make a gourmet meal at home rather than dining out
  17. Examine your bank fees and switch to a lower cost alternative like MovoCash
  18. Sell unused items from your home on community bulletin boards
  19. Call your utility, cable, internet and mobile companies to see if there are ways to save
  20. Unsubscribe from marketing emails so you reduce temptation – shop in your own closet!
  21. Prioritize when responding to social, school and community events
  22. Proactively add another stream of income by activating a side business
  23. Drive the most fuel efficient route to work and school
  24. Take advantage of employer matching programs for retirement savings
  25. Upcycle a piece of furniture rather than replacing it
  26. Set up recurring bills on autopay with MOVO’s eCheckbook feature
  27. Make a commitment to stop using your credit cards – switch to MOVO to spend just what you have budgeted for the month
  28. Leverage your library for free use of books, movies and digital versions of your favorite entertainment
  29. Set a reasonable limit on gifts for family and friends and stick to it
  30. Avoid withdrawing cash at the ATM and watching it slip through your fingers without being trackable


One of the savviest money moves you can make is to set up Direct Deposit to your MOVO account, so every paycheck and payment can be easily tracked and managed right from your phone.

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