Here’s your MOVO game plan. 

Proving there’s more than one way to spend, send and receive money, e-wallet app MOVO smoothly interfaces with a growing number of platforms so you can load your account wherever you are and use it whenever you want. 

Get it

  1. Load cash with Green Dot® Reload @ the Register

Connect the dots – literally – by loading your MOVO card using Green Dot products. You can add money to your MOVO card at over 100,000 retailers with Reload @ the Register. Take your MOVO card (you need the physical card) to the register with your cash (fees vary) and ask the cashier to deposit the cash onto your card through Reload @ the Register. To find a cash loading location, visit

  1. Load cash with Green Dot® MoneyPak 

Buy a MoneyPak card off the stands at more than 70,000 locations, such as CVS and Walgreens. You can load anywhere from $20 to $500 for a $5.95 fee. Then you create a secure login on Enter the secure number from the back of your MoneyPak package and your MOVO card number. In about 10 minutes you can begin shopping.

  1. Hook up with your phone’s wallet

How many Apple products do you have? You can add your MOVO card to Apple Pay by opening the wallet app on your iPhone or iPad and clicking the Plus button. Then take a picture of your MOVO card or enter your account information manually. 

If you own an Android and have Google Pay, you can link up to your MOVO card by simply opening the app and tapping My Cards. Then tap Add, and Add a credit or debit card. Either use the camera to capture your card image or enter your information manually.

If you’ve got a Samsung phone, your phone’s wallet is also compatible with your MOVO account. First, open the Samsung Pay app and click Add Card, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

Send It

  1. Buy downloadable content for video games

Imagine never needing to hike upstairs to spot your kids some DLC money for Fortnite. Just text them a screen shot of a MovoCoin® one-time-use Visa® card via the MOVO app.

  1. Bail out a friend

If you’re the lifeline for someone’s phone a friend option, you may be called upon to offer quick cash for a tire blowout or other emergency expenses. Your MOVO account can make you a hero.

  1. Bail out a friend – literally

If your buddy’s behind bars and can’t post bail, he may have used all his allowable bank transfers for the month. That’s OK – the bank in your phone (MOVO) is the “get out of jail free” card. 

  1. Get nanny cash

No money for the sitter? Just make a person-to-person transfer. If your sitters aren’t MOVO-ians, tell them how easy it is to open a MOVO account.

  1. Send some to the spouse

If she’s at a home party or a holiday boutique, you can spot her some cash from the couch. It sounds a little lazy, but you’re making your MOVO work for you.

Spend It

  1. Buy commercial-free apps

Eliminate annoying pop-ups during Words with Friends or Minecraft. It’s an easy way to improve your entertainment … and it may improve your game.   

  1. See more movies

Not every night has to be popcorn on the couch night. You can actually afford to walk the halls of the theatre complex when you use MovoCoin to pay for MoviePass or Fandango … (and see a movie the year it comes out instead of British police shows and “Friends” re-runs, like usual).

  1. Maximize your music

Whether you use Spotify or Apple Music, you can use MOVO to pay for your subscription. Then show your dance moves … no matter who’s watching.

  1. Become a Fantasy Football fanatic

Don’t worry – there’s still time to get in the game. Pick your players and wake up a winner at the end of the week.

  1. Put it in auto drive

With over 8,000 bill-pay vendors, you can put your MOVO account on auto pilot – set up automatic payment for your cable, phone, insurance or other bills.

There are more and more ways to load it and thousands of ways to use it. And unlike a lot of your other options, MOVO is an FDIC insured card account that keeps your primary banking information protected.